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My Story

​I was addicted to Lortabs/ Opiates after I broke my ankle years ago. After years of taking Lortab my doctor suddenly retired. He went in to have knee surgery and did not return. I had no advance notice and had no back up supply of pills and this was a BIG DEAL! Since I had been on them for so many years and never ran out I had no idea what I was fixing to go through...HELL!!!! At the time I was self employed and did not have insurance so rehab was not a choice and I could not miss work for 30 days. I tried to call a pain management center and since I had no insurance they turned me away. So I was pretty much up the creek.

About 24 hours after my last pill I started to sweat and felt like I had the flu. I did not realize I was going into withdraw and about to face the worst day of my life. My surgery was nothing compared to this crap! I could not sleep, eat and had very bad stomach cramps and diarrhea, I felt as if my legs were electrified every 15 minutes. Then a friend told me that I was going though withdrawals. Wth????

My Husband is full blood Chickasaw Indian he remembered his grandmother helped his aunt and some cousins years back with opiate addiction with her recipe passed down through the family. That morning he put me in the car and drove me down to his family who lives on a reservation outside of Tishamingo Oklahoma and we spoke with his Grandmother and asked her for help. (I would of drove 1,000 miles and ate my right arm to get any sort of relief from this agony). She said "sometimes the way to heal is found in the same poison you are consuming". The best way I can explain this is the old saying..."Hair of the dog" for a hangover. Your body is craving the opiate you have been feeding it. I thought...who cares, give me anything to make this stop! When you are in full blown withdraw pain nothing matters. I just knew I did not ever want to go through this again and if I had to endure this much longer I honestly wanted to die. Yes it was that bad!

The Turning Point

It was late when we got to her so I had to suffer thru another night of shakes, sweating and embarrassing diarrhea in a small home with 6 people and 1 tiny bathroom. Early the next morning she sent my husband to the town of Sulphur for water. The town is well known for it's natural flowing sulphur springs. The water stinks like rotten eggs however, is very rich in natural minerals and is a natural detoxification for your body. My husband returned with the water and his grandmother added a few drops of liquid from an old bottle she had. She then shook it up and told me to drink it. 10 Minutes after I took the drink my withdrawals subsided and I felt better. I was calm
and my joints stop hurting. After about an hour I fell asleep until that evening for dinner. Before I drank this water I had been up all night with pain and diarrhea and did not even think about eating. At dinner she served me chicken broth and told me to drink more of the water so I could sleep. That night I slept 4 hours and had to get up and drink more water then fell back to sleep until 9 am. I got up showered and ate breakfast. I still felt slow but the worst was over. She bottled me up about a gallon of the water and we went home. The next 3 days I drank the water 2 times a day and after the 5th day it was over. At the time I did not care what it was she put into the water to heal me I just knew it worked.

A few weeks passed and we went for a visit to thank her in person and I asked her about the water and what was in it. She told me that she had concentrated poppy extract from real poppy seeds and the mix of the minerals from the sulphur water and strong prayers and a little" other stuff". Made perfect sense because the extract is what my body was craving but not in the same form as pharmaceutical opiates. Poppy seed extract works by telling your brain to increase your opiate receptors, which automatically decreases the pain you feel. The poppy tricks the receptors in your brain into thinking it has the actual opiates then calms the body in return.

If you are thinking about detox from opiates or have a loved one in need of help feel free to Contact me at www.stopmywithdrawals.com for FREE help.

~ Prayer for Hope ~
There is Hope . . . even if I cannot see it yet
there is a different life possible . . . even now
a life, where my brain does not burn
a life, with No hallucinations
a life, where I am happy and free
there is Hope . . . even if I cannot see it yet

I have been a prisoner
I have been a slave to drugs
I have been high and crashed
again and again . . . and again
each time worse than the last
I am weary . . . and sad
anger has been my companion
rage often bubbles within me
ugly gifts of the dope

Hope . . . are you still there?
Yes, Hope is here . . . put the dope down
and you will see me . . . and feel me within you
you have been in pain . . . for way too long
Hope can heal you . . . if you let it
You deserve forgiveness and freedom
no matter what you have done in the past
You deserve hope and recovery . . . and peace
put the dope down now . . . and ask for help
You deserve to be free . . . and safe now
Hope will replace shame within you

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