by Stefan Rudolph
(Oceanside, CA. 92054)

I found your site through a search on Tim McGraw and his songs. Great article on him btw, very informative.

Many come to a point in life where they must wake up and confront their addictive lifestyle and decision-making patterns. Especially when it comes to alcohol, addiction, losing control and having a part of our life that was normality for so long, take over all areas of our life in order to satisfy our needs, wants, desires and objectives in daily life decision-making.

The hardest part for many in dealing with this transition of placing alcohol in a negative category of life is that for many, years have gone by with it in a neutral or even a positive category of their daily lifestyle and decision-making. And by doing so, unaware when the actual physical dependency shift takes place, a slow form of negative change known as a "A Self-Induced Coma" (aka denial) takes place. Giving normality to our 'conscious self' a whole new meaning; a new meaning defined specifically by the Ego. The most difficult part of this occurrence lies directly in the conscious mind ever developing awareness of it actually taking place.

Therein, this shift and form of a new normality causes conflict between "Self" vs. Ego. This is a very difficult battle for the Self to win. The Self is unaware of any dramatic change that has taken place. Egoic excuses are attributed to denial. Shift comes from awareness and mindfulness, therefore Shift can not take place when Denial is in the Driver's Seat. Proper self-growth, as well, can not take
place as a passenger. The Ego's destination is then set into GPS full force by creating and maintaining a Blurred State of Reasoning for the passenger and on-looker known as the Self.

On this path, the light at the end of the tunnel is Fogged through a blurred state of reasoning. A mind that creates actions self-induced by alcohol creates chaos. Chaos then creates Loss of Control. When this transition or phase occurs is difficult for the conscious mind to see in a fog bank created by a driver known as the Ego.

An addictive lifestyle is easily denounced by addictive reasoning created by the voice within us that "Edges God Out" (aka: EGO). Repetitive slow-growth of a negative habit forming ritual is hard to decipher.

My book, "Barstool Knowledge", helps the reader to break the code of addiction and decipher exactly what to listen for when it comes to "Recognizing Addictive Reasoning." This voice is within us all. The key lies in acknowledging it and putting proper positive growth thought into action.

Check out the book, visit our site and FB page and feel free to contact our team directly with questions, feedback and any related growth topics you may have for us.

To Your Growth,

Stefan Rudolph, Founder
Barstool Knowledge, Inc.
Oceanside, CA. 92054


"Recognize the Voice within speaking softly about change.

This is the Voice of Your Soul.

Quiet at first, it is the Voice of Awareness.

Synchronize Awareness.

Institute Constant Change

Peace of Mind will be Heard.

Peace in Life will be Seen

Peace and Harmony will be Lived."

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